Our Approach



You deserve a chance at creative fulfillment, and I’d love to help you achieve that fulfillment. In our coaching sessions, we can talk about:

  • Finding time and space to create
  • Handling praise and criticism
  • Creating in the face of rejection
  • Managing anxiety
  • Creating amid the tumult of daily life
  • Speaking kindly to yourself
  • Creative blocks


Our Story

If you’d like to find out how creativity coaching can help you with these and other issues, please contact me and tell me about:

  • Your history in the arts
  • What’s in the way of achieving your goals
  • Your vision for your creative life

I’d be happy to support you as you reach for your most cherished creative dreams.



"Clare brings a kind, thoughtful and grounded energy and structure to my dreams of a creative life. She has an ability to listen and feel what it is I need, sometimes with an insightful reflection or later with a follow-up article. Clare comes to each session prepared to follow my lead or to do the leading. Sessions where I didn't think I had anything to say...she finds a way to inspire and engage me. I feel supported and encouraged as I reveal and navigate the flighty nature of honouring my own creative soul."

Linda Vanderlee
Living Aligned Coach and Facilitator


"Clare was instrumental in helping me decide what was next on my 'work' agenda. After months of trying to make sense of the many ideas I had going around in my head, just two phone calls with Clare and I knew what I wanted to do.  Her calm yet encouraging manner followed up by typed summaries of our conversation soon helped me realize where my passions really were. Although I may have arrived at this same destination without her assistance, I'm positive it wouldn't have been as quickly and I very likely wouldn't feel so confident that this is what I want to do. Thank you Clare for helping Taylor'd Albums become a reality!"

Alma Taylor
Creative entrepreneur


"When I first contacted Clare I was in a creative rut - after finishing my degree in Fine Arts, I got caught up in non-creative work and hadn’t made any art in almost a year. Connecting with Clare helped me turn this around over a period of a few months. We set out a clear set of creative objectives and a realistic time frame to complete those goals. She also provided me with different inspirational and technical activities to help enrich my practice. I am so grateful to have met Clare and to have accessed her coaching services. She is compassionate, supportive, has excellent coaching strategies and an incredibly positive approach to her process. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing a creative block."

Karen Boyles


"Clare is passionate in her work with me and takes a profound interest in my writing. It’s because of her encouragement that I’ve been able to delve into fiction writing for the first time. Until now, I’ve written and published only memoirs. There were times when I became discouraged and thought of giving up this genre. But Clare always listened without judging me. She’s helped me to conquer my inhibitions not only in my writing but also in my musical activities. She sent me an article on practicing that I could apply to all my creative activities. It’s an honour and privilege to work with and to know Clare, as anyone else who has her as a coach will have to agree. Clare epitomizes the following quote by Dean Karnazes: 'Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.' "

Carol Katz


"Without hesitation, I am more than pleased to recommend Clare Thorbes as a coach to any creative individual seeking to express themselves in any of the art forms.  Clare is brilliantly intuitive and a great listener, and she draws out her clients with finely tuned questions which lead to new insights. Clare has the rare gift of being able to connect to a variety of different people and meet them exactly where they are in their process.  She is supportive, knowledgeable and her curious mind and excellent research skills have allowed her to offer her clients a fantastic array of resources to help them on their way."

Victoria Zajchowski
ARCT, singer, writer, dancer, painter

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