Kirism for creatives

Autonomous meaning-making and self-management Eric Maisel, PhD, has distilled his insights from more than 40 years of coaching creatives, writing, and pondering human existence into a new philosophy of life called kirism, the subject of Lighting the Way: How Kirism Answers Life’s Toughest Questions. In this Q&A, Eric illustrates some of the principles of kirism,…


Practical Matters

Glenn Howarth watched me work for a while, and then calmly moved my palette table from my left side to my right. All he said was, “Time-motion studies”. He understood that reaching across my body each time I wanted to reload paint was going to frustrate me. I hadn’t even noticed I was doing it.…

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Break Free

How long have self-doubt and misperceptions about your industry held you back in your art, writing, or performance career? What are your internal and external obstacles to advancing in your work? For ten years of painting, I was oblivious to my own role in my lack of success. I wasn’t painting regularly, my marketing was…